Freedom at Midnight…1947


After the stroke of midnight hour when half the world slept and India made a tryst with thief robbers and dacoits. Quite simply it was very convenient to reward and types of people that were your own. India was given freedom as alms on a dirty platter and we continued to be a slave of British until now.its-our-time-for

In any country -when it was freed it is very natural that it would hate its old masters and everything they stood for. Their clothing their education their religion etc but we continued the bon homie putting them on a high pedestal and continue to worship them.

We accepted to name the country as they wanted – not Bharat not Hindustan but ‘India’ We adopted English as our official language and education kept churning hordes of Babus which we did not need in the first place. It is obvious the controls of the nation was trusted to only those who stood by the English and their pretty wives. We have and still have a enchant for foreign educated students. Look at the independence movement and you will find that any and every one was a lawyer or barrister and then most of them were educated overseas. That is good we value education-we loved being educated but then after independence where as these people should have practiced or taught law but they all became the ministers- MP’s and tried to govern the nation.

In a time when India suffered famines one after the other and people had no money how these people could afford a foreign education – who paid for them and then these people continued to matter in our lives. In Nehru’s first cabinet of 18 odd ministers only three viz Mr Baldev Singh/Shyama Prasad Mukherjee/ Jagjivan Ram were not lawyers and or not educated in the West.So the nation was formed on the bones of lawyers who could not practice or teach law and we are suffering till today.

Though Nehru was short sighted -selfish and egoist but he had the basic stupidity to have leader of other parties as Ministers in his cabinet. This was a heart warming gesture to ensure that no opposition could and would come alive. After 62 aggression when the nation was humiliated and our army proved to ill prepared and unwilling to fight Nehru still won the elections. Now that time has passed the truth can be told – only 14000 Indian Soldier fought the 62 war as opposed to millions of Chinese. This the mainly due to Nehru’s policy of Panchsheel and we hang our head in shame.

This is our political legacy that we inherited from the congress – the only party which fought for our rights yet there were hardly any Indian educated nationalist in the ensuing governments. We never hated any one with British leanings – they continued to rule the roost during the pre independence era and even after wards.

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