Gods Own World

various religious symbles

God made man and man,made religion- that is why in God’s perfect world it is the imperfect religion which rules over the masses.

#Karl Marx was right when he said, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.”

We all agree God is one but religion has made God very far away from us.

We have categorized God in:
Our own color-Red, Green, White
Language-English Urdu Sanskrit Hindi

Feelings- love, lust, anger, envy, and greed

All our religious books are written in alien language- alien because we need interpreter to read and explain them to us. Someone has to translate them for us

Why when we are educated we can’t understand the word of God. Quite simply these are not the word of God but word of man. Each book was written a thousand or two thousand or may be even more years back and most of us do not even read them or understand them we did not understand them.

It would have been much simpler if someone had not written so much to explain god

Each religion have rules of allegiance, there by inculcate fear and greed in us. Fear that things will go wrong and greed that we will be denied some goodies and for that we must follow the religion. What we fail to understand that God only needs devotion

“Sometimes you think that life is mechanical and on difficult occasions when you take on misery and confusion, you come back to faith, look forward to guidance and help towards any absolute power.” J Krishnamurti

Is God human? Does he have human feelings like being punished, being rewarded, being happy or sad? And if god has such feeling like we humans then what’s the difference between God and us?

Why do we take God as a biased entity towards congregant and pagans?

The reality is that most religion has never given us anything except fear psychosis. Some are so paranoid they tell you:

How to stand, How to pray, How to rear children  what to eat what to wear. There is a complete rule book!!

There are concepts of forbidden and out of bond, or concepts of acceptance  and un-acceptance.

If I look around I see that most things that God created are good – free and automatic. They are self-generate, self-sustain and self-destruct.
We humans are actually fiddling with his creation and paying the price.
This whole word is his backyard,full of serenity and beauty. He just allowed us to wander appreciate his creation, but not to encroach and exploit it.

It is the religion that plays games of one up man ship – I am better than thou and greater than thou. The reality is no one is better or greater it is your egos which make you so. What you see in religion is the mirror image of your thoughts. If you are really better you don’t have to harp on the tone.

Good religions don’t have to broadcast themselves on the loudspeakers. Its goodness and beauty is concealed into its sacred messages.




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