Thoughts on Manusmriti


There is a huge amount of misconception about our religious scriptures, and among the most controversial texts, is Manusmriti.

The wicked are always looking for defects.

Flies come and seek for the ulcer, and bees come only for the honey in the flower. Do not follow the way of the fly but that of the bee.

Remember best is always attacked..

Manusmriti is based on the highest level of spirituality .. imagine something like this written more then 5000 years ago.

Manu gives full freedom to every person to change and grow in character/varna/caste and attain Moksha/Nirvana/Salvation.There is nothing called hereditary caste according to Manu.

Brahman means the infinite Soul or light of Consciousness.Everyone in this world in Brahman.This is the highest truth.The name Shudra,Vaishya,Kshatriya and Brahmana is based on the level of ignorance and on the degree of ignorance burnt during meditation or prayers to become free soul(Moksha) under guidance of a Moksha attained Guru.In reality all are nothing but Brahman.Children of the same family can have different Caste/Varna/Character based on their own spiritual level.

Manu gives full rights to each person to change his chaste/character/varna.Manu’s aim is that everyone attains Moksha or Salvation.We all have Brahmin(Saint) ancestors because all hindu have “gotra” system which denotes the particular sags as their ancestor.

Theonly explanation is to be found in the Mahâbhârata, which says that in the beginning of the Satya Yuga there was one caste, the Brahmins(Saint), and then by difference of occupations they went on dividing themselves into different castes, and that is the only true and rational explanation that has been given. And in the coming Satya Yuga all the other castes will have to go back to the same condition.The bad translations did have an extremely negative impact on the society during the British era.While the Brahmans feel that Dalits killed them and Dalits feel that they were subjugated

Sanatan Dharma never believed in capital punishment so the only punishment left for people during Kali Yuga was temporary social boycott.

Some think that there is racism against shudra and women in Manusmriti.The truth is that there is no such thing. Manu knows very well that all human-beings are nothing but infinite soul and soul is neither male nor female,only the illusional body is defined by sex i.e male or female. Sanatan Dharam is the religion of the eternal Soul.British tried their level best to give vulgar and racist translations of our scripture .The British translation lacked spiritualism,the sole purpose was divide and rule,christian conversion and clashes between people.The British had been successful.

Both mugal and british were scared of India’s upper class people,they knew a wise brahmin,a brave kshatriy and a wealthy baniya could be threat to their empire.

There is no better tool than fragmentation of a society on the basis of religion.

Brahmins were attacked and killed when Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi.

To be continued…..

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