Hinduism 1

hinduwayoflifeThere is a big misconception about Hindu and Hinduism …..Let me say that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. 

Hinduism is flexible in nature Which means it gives freedom to follow rather then imposed believes. We have no Friday or Sunday masses . It gives  freedom to choose -that is why it has sustained for that long …almost forever. However time to time we have gurus and sages ,who appear and set a directional course and life goes on. No other religion has seen so many summers and we can safely say that we are very grey and wise.

However in present context there are several things that are not going the right way the reason is not Hinduism itself but the times we had to go through. In the last 300 odd years we have seen Mughals British and then our new breed of power hungry leader that caused most of the ills. 

Mughals attacked the institution of Hindus in a direct way by demolishing temples- damaging scriptures- injuring the masses by forced conversion etc and we being a relatively content race suffered. After came the English who are famous for the apparent sense of justice and fairplay but that is only a facade. They systemically destroyed the social fabric- the industries – the family and ultimately the religion. They saw everything wrong with India then and set about to correct its ills by destroying the education system- belittling the Vedas( what was left of it) and set upon to loot the various manuscripts – cotton- indigo etc. 

Cotton was manufactured and brought back to India and Indians were considered illiterate unless educated in the English system and further reinforced by their higher education at the west. We forgot Vedic mathematics and became experts in adding pound shilling and pence so naturally we became best suited for job of a BABUS . I willing government can destroy a nation in five years and here we were destroyed for over 200 years. After they left they gave the power to the nation to those who towed the British Line- Congress was a buzz word and India though Independence became a member of the common wealth nations.

What ever was left was destroyed further by our Howard – Eton educated men. We imported our Constitution our education and the ills of the society. Today we lack the confidence in our culture – society education and most importantly ourselves.We are very happy to tow the line of our post Independence leaders to the extent and that we have lost the capacity of independent thought and it is getting bad to worse by the day.

To be continued…..

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