Rapes in India

Those that point to higher incident counts of rape in less developed countries in Africa and Asia, fail to take into account that these incident counts have risen proportionally to change in religious demographics, driven by rising conversion rates.

The two other south Asian countries which have higher rate of crime against women are Pakistan and Banglafesh but Compared to India, Bangladesh is a BPL dominant economic landscape. Compared to India, Pakistan as a failed state has no independent cultural identity.

But India?

India is a kaleidoscopic diverse nation, with a ethnically rooted cultural identity.

Things weren’t so bad until politics seeded cultural hate among otherwise peaceful citizens of India.

Rape is a heinous crime against womanhood and against humanity.

Rape isn’t perpetrated by a specific caste, religion or region. The victims of rape are women; rape isn’t a crime against the identity of its victims. Rape is a crime against women, not against religious beliefs. Unparallel suffering is cause to the women victims, and not to the society they belong to.

No one has a right to decide the punishment for a rapist, except the woman victim herself. Only the woman victim has experienced it’s brutality, the physical agony, the death of courage, the expiration of the fighting spirit and confidence. She may never be the same person again, and may live in fear the rest of her life.

Then the culprits too, must bear the agony. The rapist must live in fear the rest of his life. He must be scared to fail in front of a woman, and must experience the deepest humiliation.

Despite increasingly harsh punishments, rapes in India are increasing. The law had failed to instill the fear of punishment in rapists. The degree of cruelty and brutality is rising every day.

50℅ of voters in this country are women, then
why can’t this country provide 50% of its citizens a basic right to safety?

billions are spent on Z-class security and VIP motorcades but the common people are most unsafe?

Let us not blame it on any segment of society.

Let us accept the fact that the system has failed to provide basic security to its women citizens.

There should be exceptions in terms of rape sentencing, because today rapes are more publicized then the punishment of their culprits.

Make punishments public.

Hammer them in public, castrates them in public, stop all sorts of govt benefits and privileges to their entire family.

Let families realise that because of one person’s lack of ability to coexist, how much they have to suffer. There should be open and public disgrace delivered to such people.

And believe me this will stop the rapes…. क्योकी हम हिंदुस्तानी भगवान से नही डरते, लेकिन लोग क्या कहेंगे उससे बहुत डरते हैं |

2 thoughts on “Rapes in India

    1. Hi Divya.. Appreciate your valuable input ,it does start with eve teasing and unrealistic fantasies. To an extent the libral use of internet and easy access to porn material is adding to the issues. Yes self defence should be included to school curriculum however in case is infant rapes and child rape even this strategies fails. Govt must make stringent rules for eve teasing and harsher punishments for child rapes . There should be some sort of control over internet and objectionable data must be monitored. Unfortunately we are born in a country where democracy is a joke and our positions are not qualified enough to understand the core issues. Public rage is simmering and it may burst any day ..Till then we have to keep trying to generate the awareness. That’s all we have in our hands


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